1.2 Installation

VYou Backend Installation

What is the project? Why are we working on this?

From the customer perspective

In order to provide a signup process, VYou focuses on providing a hassle free user experience in this critical process.

VYou does not require any additional process to signup on a standalone portal before using a tenant application. VYou signup process is just as in any other application. We take advantage of a traditional signup process in any application to create a VYou account.

We take as an example an end user that had no pre existing VYou account. The flow is simple and it is detailed as follows:

  1. The customer downloads an application from Google Play/apple store or just goes to a web portal where the tenant has his product (VYou works with but it is not limited to mobile apps)
  2. Once the customer installs the app, it shows the signup form at some point of the onboarding. This form is completely customized by the tenant, VYou only requires the form to gather an email and a password to create the user.
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