1.1 Intro & Description

What is VYou?

Vyou is a user management SaaS tool that offers functionalities on which you can integrate your product. VYou is motivated by a common pattern we have seen in many of our projects for our clients. We have been asked many times to implement websites, applications or integral projects with a wide variety of purposes, but all of them share a same set of functionalities.

VYou Parts

VYou rests on 3 pillars:
  • Registration flow: Sign in / Log in and password recovery, VYou comes with an user management backoffice tool.
  • User profile customisation & payment method management: VYou offers you whole control over your user profiles & payment methods.
  • Communication channel: VYou offers push notifications which allows you to send segmented communications to your users.

VYou Features

  • User management (account creation, login system, recover password flow, profile management, user listing, role and group system, etc..)
  • User profiling and segmentation
  • Communications (push notification, email, segmented communication)
  • Payments (credit card payment, subscriptions, inappbilling, paypal)
  • Privacy management (GDPR, explicit acceptance of terms, security measures to ensure lack of breaches)
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