3.4 Sample App

Sample app

We provide a sample application for developers to see how VYou is integrated inside a real android app. To be able to login with google, you must register the project in Firebase, add the keystore to the signingConfigs, and the google-services plugin in the build.gradle like this:

signingConfigs {  
  debug {  
  storeFile file("ext/debug-keystore.jks")  
        storePassword '*qfwN*******oPw9DEj'  
  keyAlias 'debug'  
  keyPassword '@G*********DYww9b'  
plugins {  
  id 'com.android.application'  
  id 'kotlin-android'  
  id 'kotlin-kapt'  
  id 'com.google.gms.google-services'  

Finally you have to add the google-services.json to the sample app project.

Here you can find the Firebase documentation for adding the Google login.

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