1.3 Setup your Account

Create your first tenant

VYou provides several tools to the tenant administrators and developers In order to provide a signup process, VYou focuses on providing a hassle free user experience in this critical process.

Flow – Login:

The login process using VYou makes use of the standard OAUTH 2.0 flow to ensure that it is the customer who really is performing this operation.

The login flow is very similar to what every customer is used to, it is basically a form where the email/password can be entered (or social login can be granted), but we have to note the following points:

  1. The login form is a web view that is living on the VYou domain. This fact allows us to state that we make sure that the customer is performing a manual credential introduction.
  2. VYou manage the sessions and permissions to access personal information.
  3. On the eyes of the user, the login process only differs in the sense that it is performed on a popup.

Set up your social account IDs

It is also important to emphasize that VYou supports social media signup. That means that the customer can create an account using Google, Facebook or AppleID login. If the customer chooses this method, VYou will inform that the email and personal information available on the social platform will be used to create the customer profile.

  1. The application calls VYou service to create a new customer, providing the common and custom attributes available. If the account was created by means of an email and password, VYou will send a verification email to the customer to make sure that the provided email address exists and is correct. Once the email has been validated, the account can be used.
  2. VYou will act now as an identity provider for that client.
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