VYou helps you to build powerful user management and access management solutions

Provide enhanced, seamless, and secure digital experiences for your users and speed up the process to a single day of integration
API Access Management
Account Management
Single Sign On
Social login
API Access Management

Specific Web SDK
Specific Android/iOS SDK

VYou enhances:

  1. Customer experience
  2. Developer experience
  3. Workforce experience

With VYou you get:

  • Powerful user and access management solution ready from day one. Fast implementation and easy integration.
  • Frictionless registration and login solution which authenticates users across all of your applications & brands with a barrier-free, customizable experience
  • Secure user directory that scales to billions of users and offers custom user attributes
  • Centralized feature management. Implement your login page just once for all your apps and use the VYou dashboard to turn on and off features centrally for all your apps.
  • Robust privacy and consent controls to facilitate compliance with regulatory and privacy requirements.
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