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Tanto si eres un usuario actual, como si estás a punto de utilizar VYou o simplemente tienes curiosidad por una nueva función, estas preguntas frecuentes ofrecen información y consejos útiles sobre cómo configurarlo y cómo utilizar VYou para aprovechar al máximo las soluciones actuales.

What is VYou?

Customer identity and access management solution that can be easily integrated in your iOS, Android and Desktop applications.

How to integrate VYou?

Check our documentation page to follow step by step instructions with examples and written explanations. If you need help, contact us, we have integration team available:

How do I get in touch with VYou support?

You can send us an email: or you can contact us by phone: +34934815085

How do I get a FREE trial month?

Request your FREE month here or simply contact us and our team will give you all the necessary information on how to proceed with the integration.

Is it possible to customize VYou?

Yes, absolutely. Contact us and we will do the discovery session with you to see what exactly you would like to personalize. We have a team dedicated to custom software development.

How to renew the VYou licence?

VYou licence is valid as long as you pay for the licence. The payment is done annually and you receive an invoice with your licence number featuring the functionalities you are currently using. At the end of the year of your current licence you will receive an email with the guidelines to follow to renew or upgrade your licence featuring all the options.

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