Use Cases

Use Cases

Improve and scale identity, governance, and access management

VYou helps organizations regardless of the industry to create a single view of the customer, reducing friction at user management and access management system, maintaining privacy and building trusted relationships.

Here are the most common VYou use cases that can be segmented by industry, but also can be beneficial to any company that searches for a secure and scalable user management and access management system that can be integrated in an easy and fast way.

Retail conversions

Use social login integrations, lower user friction, incorporate rich user profiling, facilitate personalization and get more transactions.

Unlock the powerful user management and access management system for Retail

  • Deliver truly transformational, delightful, secure and trusted user experiences
  • Build-up a single consistent view of customer identity and offer personalization
  • Improve customer retention
  • Increase conversion rate and revenue
  • Drive brand loyalty across multiple channels
  • Give customers control over their data with an easy-to-use privacy and consent

Financial Security

Banks, insurers, advisors, and exchanges optimize for security. Financial information is among the most sensitive data and customers expect you to treat it as such – risk of breach is not an option.

Let go of manual processes, from initial onboarding to ongoing loyalty, VYou helps financial institutions of any size become digital-first.

  • Make your system secure
  • Offer identity verification
  • Implement Single Sign-On
  • Introduce encryption
  • Delegate authority to ensure all users are who they say they are and that they only have access to authorised areas of your services
  • Comply with various financial and privacy regulations and standards

Healthcare efficiency

Use a comprehensive set of user management factors that simplify secure access for employees, partners, and customers. Security is absolutely key to any health service’s success, including ensuring that users accessing your systems have access to only the right resources.

With healthcare services under more pressure than ever to be digital-first, VYou enables many user management and access management efficiencies that can keep you running at optimum capacity – remaining flexible enough to support an unpredictable future.

  • Deep product integrations
  • Connect to all the tools you use today
  • Implement Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Offer delegated authority
  • Ensure tight control and visibility over access management
  • Make it easy for users to register, log in and move between areas of your service
  • Find the correct balance of security and user experience.
  • Give users control over their own account management – add test results and repeat prescriptions
  • Have a single view of each user, assigning role-based access to only necessary data.
  • Deliver seamless, personalized user experiences and strengthen healthcare ecosystem partnerships
  • Speed Transformation & Innovation
  • Give users control over their data and privacy settings

Public Sector agility

Modernize user management and access management system. Streamline digital interactions with individuals and organisations in public sector services.

Digitalise disconnected, admin-heavy workflows and make them easy to manage at the click of a button

  • Secure access to your online services for citizens, residents, businesses and staff regardless of location
  • Protect your systems against identity fraud and unauthorised access
  • Quickly modernize legacy identity systems
  • Innovate faster
  • Reduce identity and access management complexities as partner ecosystems grow.
  • Get security, scalability, reliability, and flexibility
  • Ensure that the right people have the right access to the right resources.
  • Empower an Efficient Workforce
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